Combi-Isolatie BV has not only been a specialist in cold and heat insulation for over 35 years but also specialises in the supply and installation of electrical tracing.

Electrical tracing
By providing pipes, tanks, pumps and valves with electrical tracing, coagulation, changes in viscosity and freezing of a medium can be prevented, allowing for the creation and maintenance of the most stable conditions for your production process.

Frost protection
If the environmental temperature drops below the freezing point, measures must be taken to prevent the medium from freezing. If a process medium freezes, this can lead to high costs.

Temperature maintenance
If a medium is not allowed to drop below a particular temperature for process-technical reasons, electrical tracing can be used to accurately regulate the temperature.

A pipe and product can also be heated in a pre-determined time period.

Aside from a good design, the choice of the right heating cable is of essential importance. We will gladly assist you with this. We can inform you regarding our tailor-made solutions in a non-binding consultation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a non-binding consultation!

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