Combi Isolatie BV has not only been a specialist in cold insulation for over 35 years but also specialises in heat insulation.

Insulation mattresses
Because, particularly in relation to flanges, valves and flexible hoses, the customer increasingly desires flexible, pliable, but most of all, dismountable solutions, Combi Isolatie BV also offers insulation mattresses. The company possesses its own mattress maker, allowing it to measure, produce and assemble insulation mattresses within a short amount of time.

Assemble yourself
The tailor-made insulation mattresses can also be delivered to you, so that you can assemble it yourself. The component in question that needs to be insulated will always remain easily accessible because the insulation mattress can easily be disassembled and reassembled.

The insulation of insulation mattresses not only prevents burning through touch (personal protection), but the insulation of non-insulated components also plays a large role in saving energy. Combi Isolatie BV can develop a non-binding energy savings calculation for you. You will be surprised at how short the payback time is.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for free, non-binding advice!
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