Combi Isolatie is also strongly represented in the non-residential construction sector.

In a short period of time, your drawings and associated specifications are joined into a highly detailed insulation design with minutely supported price indications. If required, Combi Isolatie will join you on-site to gain insight into the work and provide you with early advice in terms of insulation. Particularly in construction it is important that all parties work together seamlessly and in this regard it is pleasant to cooperate with a party that is expertly knowledgeable in all insulation-related disciplines. How welcome it can be if the transits of the pipes that need to be insulated can also be made certifiably fireproof by the same company.
This can be done as part of the same action, relieving you of an additional concern.

Electrical tracing for the prevention of freezing, the insulation and completion of technical spaces, the installation of acoustic insulation and the installation of insulation mattresses can be provided for. These insulation mattresses can be measured and produced by us.

Additionally, we can rely on a large pool of operational employees who each have a thorough understanding of the profession, allowing your project to be realised in a short amount of time.

By making solid agreements in terms of price, quality and delivery terms, you are optimally relieved of this part of the construction activities.