In addition to yacht building, the Netherlands is well-known for its diversity in terms of commercial shipbuilding. This is a wide-ranging industry that ranges from river-cruise ships to ferries, from inland vessels to specialised offshore vessels, and from coasters to speedy aluminium patrol and supply ships.

Aside from their aesthetic quality this industry places particular importance on durability and resistance against testing conditions. On top of insulation that provides comfort in terms of sound, climate and fireproofing, insulation is also used in the commercial shipbuilding business to preserve energy in heated systems like deck lines, or protection of cargo against temperature variations caused by the elements.

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The thermal, acoustic and fireproof insulation systems can be completed with the following:

  • Aluminium foil
  • Navy cloth
  • Aluminium or steel Bondal plate. If required, including organising the suspension construction
  • Combination Bondal and cloth/foil
Exhaust emissions systems and mufflers are insulated using cloth mattresses or can be finished with sheeting. The commercial shipbuilding industry usually opts for Stucco sheeting instead of polished RVS mirror sheeting. This sheeting is more resistant to optical damage.

Warm and cold water piping, as well as chilled water and air-conditioning piping, are generally insulated using elastomers such as Armaflex.

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Acoustic damping consists of the prevention of vibrations that move through the ship’s frame and are experienced as sound pollution if not stopped at the source. For the damping of walls and decks, sprayable damping can be used, or a sandwich compound in combination with aluminium/steel counter plates.

There are various types of floor systems that can be offered as part of the total package in consultation with the shipyard/consultant. Combi Insulation Tholen can handle the entire construction of the floor system, starting with the bare deck and ending with the floor that the interior designer will use as a starting point.
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