Combi Isolatie BV has not only been a specialist in cold and heat insulation for over 35 years but also specialises in fireproof insulation.

Fireproof insulation
Fire compartmentalisation is primarily intended to increase personal safety. The transfer of fire from one compartment to another must be prevented as long as possible.

In the case of fire compartmentalisation the manner in which transits through the fire-retardant walls are handled is of the utmost importance. Technical installations require pipes, channels, cables and tubes to move through the wall or floor. These transits must be made fireproof in adherence with the specified demands. Combi Isolatie BV can organise and install such fireproof transits for you. Working in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers, Combi has developed tested and certified fireproof insulation solutions that can be applied in your specific situation.
The required insulation work can be conducted at the same time that the insulation of the pipe system is conducted.

The materials that are available for this are:

  • Fire cuffs (for synthetic pipes)
  • Fireproof insulation sheeting; one-sided or double-sided and provided with fireproof coating
  • Fireproof sealants
  • Fireproof PUR foam
  • Fire-stopping cushions
  • Fireproof grouting agent

If you have any “burning” questions or would like a tailor-made solution to your situation, please contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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