Combi Isolatie BV has not only been a specialist in cold insulation for over 35 years but also in heat insulation.

Heat insulation
We speak of heat insulation if the medium temperature (such as the temperature of the piping) is higher than the environmental temperature. In this situation, there can be a loss of heat. This is prevented through a suitably applied insulation system.

Insulation to prevent high energy costs
Preventing heat loss is the main consideration for the calculation of the insulation thickness.
With an eye towards the expected rises in the cost of energy we also increasingly notice that the calculation of economical insulation thickness has become a “hot” item.

If desired, Combi Isolatie BV can conduct a non-binding energy savings calculation. This calculation can be used as a reference point to tackle your situation in cooperation with Combi Isolatie.
You will be surprised at the short payback time!

Insulation to prevent incineration – personal protection
The insulation thickness calculation can also be conducted from the point of view of personal protection.

A burn is a wound that usually results from the burning of the skin as a result of exposure to heat for a particular period of time above a particular critical temperature.
Above this temperature (± 42°C) the skin will be damaged if it is exposed for a certain period of time.
In the case of burning that occurs through touch, a minimum temperature of 60°C is often maintained.
Companies can determine their own temperature limit on the basis of their particular safety regulations.
This temperature has to be the leading factor in determining insulation thickness. The insulation in question must ensure that the object’s outer temperature is below this temperature limit.

Combi Isolatie Tholen will gladly assist you in this.

Please contact us for an entirely non-binding consultation.
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